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  • Quick Tips On How To Refresh Your Home...Without Spending A Fortune.

    6 Quick Tips on how to refresh your home without having to spend a fortune.Save your money and feel a sense of renewal in your home.

  • Why shopping SMALL is a pretty BIG deal!

    There are so many small businesses out there, local or not. There are also many reasons why you should start to shop small if you haven't yet! The impact you leave when you purchase from small business owners is probably even greater than you can imagine. If you need proof as to why this is something you should start doing, come check out this recent blog! 

  • Valentine's Day Fun Facts & History

    Valentine's Day, Farmgal style! A little Valentine's history mixed with fun facts. We want to know how you choose to celebrate this year as it's going to be a particularly different Valentine's Day. Covid is forcing everyone to be extra creative this year whether it's having to think outside of the box for our date night idea, for our gift idea, "DIY" or "shop local", "Zoom date" come to mind? Come check out our first blog and leave us a comment at the end to let us know how you decide to celebrate if you are celebrating at all!