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Quick Tips On How To Refresh Your Home...Without Spending A Fortune.

Are lockdowns making you go stir crazy wanting to redecorate your whole house? It is so tempting to want to buy the trendy pieces of furniture and rearrange and decorate your whole house. Unfortunately most of us can’t afford to do an overhaul like that every few months! Instead of breaking the bank, a simple little rearranging of your favourite pieces might just do the trick! 

  1.  Books! 

Think coffee tables, credenzas, shelves. You can grab your favourite books and arrange them in a small stack to show off your current obsession or pull out the ones that match the colour scheme. 

Don’t be scared to go outside of your comfort zone. Bookshelves don’t necessarily need to only contain books! Don’t be afraid to use different objects and materials to add to the display. Think : mixing ceramic and steel, or fabric and wood! 

Another little DIY tip, you can grab old books or stop by your local GoodWill and grab some books with a hard cover and paint them all white to keep things nice and neat and tidy! 

photo: @g_fosterdesigns


  1. Mix. Match. Replace! 
Grab a few objects you have had in place in a few different rooms of the house. Bring them all together and start switching them around and putting them in a different spot or a different room entirely! 
By doing this, you’ll also get to see your home in a new perspective and see how these pieces all come together. 
  1. Gallery wall/wall decor 
3M tape was made for this! If you haven’t already done so.. please purchase the Velcro 3M tape, it’ll be your best friend! It can hold different weight and doesn’t ruin your wall. These also give you the chance to test out different frame options and allows you to update your walls/photos as you grow into your home.  Changing your photos or decor to these spaces is a great way to make you feel like the walls you’ve been staring at for months now are brand new! 
  1.  Paint! 
This one is an obvious one but sometimes doesn’t seem so obvious. If you’re really in the mood to switch things up, there’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to freshen up your living space. Whether you choose to stick with the same or change colours, it’s bound to make your whole room feel brand new! 
If you’re not into a project like painting the walls, go for something smaller.. like painting a piece of furniture! A little change goes a long way!!
  1. Cushions!
Simply adding or removing cushions to your living room couch, bed, or other living space is a go-to for renewing your home. Adding a pop of colour to a neutral couch, or a neutral set of cushions to your colourful couch is definitely going to give you a sense of renewal. 
photo: @g_fosterdesigns
  1. Flowers!
This one can be especially refreshing if you live in places where you see winter, and nothing but evergreens outside! Adding flowers to those vases collecting dust is like a breath of fresh air. If you haven’t gotten a green thumb.. opt for the faux version! 
As you can see, it doesn't much to inspire you to change up your space. It just takes a little motivation and a little creativity (and some Googling, Pinterest-ing some ideas) to help inspire you with what you can change. The list really does go on, whether you live in a big or small space, a little change goes a long way!