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Valentine's Day Fun Facts & History

Do you send out Valentine’s Day cards? Do you remember giving out Valentines to all your friends and teachers in grade school?


In many parts of the world, February is known as the month of love. It’s thought to mark the beginning of mating season for birds. 


Here are little Valentine’s Day Fun Facts: 


  •  Hallmark offered their first Valentine’s Day cards in 1916!


  • One legend states that Valentinus, a theologian and teacher during the 3rd century was jailed and sentenced to death. While jailed, he restored the sight of his jailer’s daughter and left her a note the night before he died which read “From your Valentine”. 


  • In the 5th century, the Romans used to honour Juno, goddess of love. Celebrations on February 14th includes drawing women’s names and courting them for marriage. 


Valentine’s Day for me has always been a special day to celebrate love. A day to tell my friends how much they mean to me. A day to tell my significant other how much I appreciate our partnership (aka tackling two young girls!). It’s a day to forget about all the crap going on in the world and to count my blessings.


What are you doing this year to celebrate those you love around you? Are you doing a little Covid-style at home date night? Are you lucky enough to live in a warmer climate and can enjoy an outdoor cozy activity? Do you give gifts? 



Personally, I have always loved the personal feel of a home made gift. Sometimes a little DIY can turn out to be more of a “it’s the thought that counts” type of gift. If I want to give that someone special a beautiful and thoughtful gift, I try to support small or local businesses. I always like to offer purposeful or unique gifts this recipient might not think of! Not to mention, “quality over quantity” has always been my motto.


It doesn’t have to be something big and grand. Winnie the Pooh says “sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart”. I feel as though our signs are just that. No matter the size they come in, they always attract a positive response and I like to think it’s because they are handcrafted with love! 



Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you reading. I hope you take the time to show yourself some love as well!