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Why shopping SMALL is a pretty BIG deal!

Did you know that by choosing to shop small you make a big impact in someone’s life? There’s a saying that goes “every time you support a small business, a real person does a happy dance!” 
At Farm Gal, our products are beautifully handcrafted with love, and hard work. Every interaction you have with us is directly with the very 2 people who work together to make the signs, floor mats, blanket ladders or growth charts! We know your order by name and like to think our business is more of an interaction than  a transaction. Our clients often share photos of their homes before they purchase products to ask for advice on size, placement or colour and we love to see the room come together!
It has been such a whirlwind for us to see our company grow in so many ways these last 8 months! What started as a little hobby during a maternity leave has truly become a passion for us and we feel as though our finished product reflects just that. 
Since starting Farm Gal, it has given us a new perspective on small businesses that we never realized but will forever truly appreciate! 
Here are a few reasons why it’s important to shop small and support your local businesses:
1. we truly care about YOU! 
We want to help you bring a vision to life. Anytime someone comes to us to discuss their purchase, we want to be a part of your decorating journey and feel as though our customers eventually become great friends. When you make a purchase with us, you are dealing with real people and we value both your purchase and your friendship. We guarantee you will feel your purchases and input matter!
2. You become part of a community!
When you purchase small or shop local, you become part of a bigger community that becomes like family. We love interacting with such members whether by email, Instagram, blogs or Etsy! We truly value spending time with you no matter which way.
3. You support local communities around!
Did you know that we use local suppliers for our products from other small or local businesses? By purchasing small, you actually make a huge impact on everyone involved in our business! 
There are of course many other reasons to support your local small businesses. However, one thing to take away from this blog is that you might not realize it, but you are supporting countless people and families who pour their heart and souls into making others happy!
From our heart to yours, thank you for supporting us! Likes, follows, story shares, purchases, etc. all mean the world to Farm Gal.